A warm welcome to all from DMS original

Our small family company provides a range of bespoke metal products designed and manufactured by us to bring a unique metallic touch of beauty and practicality to Your Home.

DMS Original promises top quality products made from mild and stainless steel, with subtle aspects of wood.  Over 25 years of passionate experience in his field, Jaroslaw Grabny (Jerry) and his team will proactively work alongside you to find an original, cost-effective solution which will more than satisfy your needs. 

Please scroll down to discover more about our highly-recommended products:

Home and Garden Decor

Intricate and delicate in their design, check out these stunning examples from our home decor collection. Once again, we go to great lengths to ensure every detail of your conception is addressed through to the final product.


Medal hangers

Explore our huge range of hangers including:

- Shelf medal hangers

- Box medal hangers

- Flat medal hangers

- Standard medal hangers

All uniquely designed and top quality products!